Automated Sales Funnel
The Best Way to Convert Leads

Marketing and sales automation is the ultimate solution to convert quality leads.

You can now help your sales resources by shifting its focus on the most qualified leads instead of chasing sales prospects.

Vivid Marketing delivers the most promising automated sales funnel tailored to your business. Our automation experts plan an exclusive sales funnel for your business to save your time and produce actionable sales insights.

The sales process is complicated, involving repetitive tasks. Our role is to help you gain in-depth insights on the ways to improve your conversion rate through the entire marketing and sales funnel.

We are proud of our proven track record of driving results and there is always a scope of improvement. We deliver highly targeted sales content, which is essential for attracting qualified sales lead and taking them through the complete sales funnel.


Our Process

Customer Acquisition: It is very important to know your customers properly for efficient marketing and sales automation process. We choose customer profiles as well as segmentation to prepare content that can reach specific target groups of customers. Our dedicated team evaluates content performance, optimizes content based on engagement, and ensures data conversion.

Marketing Automation: To arrive at the point of sales, it is crucial for a digital agency to focus on marketing strategies. We understand that marketing automation is a tedious and overwhelming task. With so many mobile pieces, the process is complicated at every point. As such, you need digital marketing experts to help you through.

Automated Content Strategies: A major part of digital marketing is content automation. Our experts provide tailored content automation strategies together with landing page creation, lead nurturing services, marketing workflows, lead scoring, CRM integration, and list segmentation.

Marketing Performance Tracking: Marketing performance reports are important to understand where your business stands. It is also essential for transparency of the executive management as well as the sales team. Only regular and proper reporting can instill confidence in the marketing process. It is thus, crucial to ensure that the marketing and sales processes are interdependent to accomplish one goal.
Once the monthly reporting structure is incorporated into the workflow, you would have enough material to analyze your monthly marketing efforts, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and provide a better solution.


Should you use an Automated Sales Funnel?

  • We follow the automated sales funnel concept and implement it. With more and more advanced tools and software available in the market, we believe it is possible to enhance the process further.
  • Automated sales funnel is for every business. It is the best tool to collect your leads and potentially interested customers, who would convert into sales in the future. The sales funnel becomes the powerhouse of data for your business.
  • Allow Vivid Marketing Media experts to carry out your automated sales funnel process. We can move your customers through the process for an assured sale.

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