Targeted SEO Campaigns to Drive Maximum Traffic and Leads

Trying to find the top-notch SEO service provides in Canada?

Vivid Marketing is here to offer you dedicated services, intelligently managed by a team of SEO professionals.

We have found that organic traffic from Google and similar search engines actually convert more customers than all other digital marketing channels combined.

The major source of online traffic coming to your website is through search engines. Over 85% of online users use search engines to locate websites. Therefore, if your business does not rank on the first two pages of the leading search engines, you are probably losing to your competitors every second.


Professional SEO that seeks beyond Traffic

We adopt a customer-centric approach to drive more action to your website. Quality content and user experience is our forte, which converts into higher search engine ranking.

We are a trusted digital agency that looks into consumer strategies and needs, their search intent, keywords used, and other relevant factors. We use proprietary tools to engage in in-depth and extensive keyword research to provide targeted recommendations to visitors. We also create content to drive searchers and engage them across multiple devices.

Our profound knowledge and experience in the field of SEO allowing us to promote your brand across multiple search engines and achieve higher rankings from various industry segments. We are a team of diligent professionals, copywriters, SEO consultants, and online marketers who understand what it takes to make a business stand out and lead the search engines. We optimize websites and ensure your brand name is visible all over the internet, thus making it viral.

Is your brand visible online?

If not, you have every reason to speak to our SEO consultants.


Link Building

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Monthly SEO Task

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On Page SEO

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Our SEO Services

We help you achieve a higher ranking, relevant visitors, and customers that are more organic. It is time to take your brand to the top of search results without result-oriented and budget-friendly SEO service modules.

We aim to enhance the online presence of your business and work to improve site ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines. Leveraging potential online marketing tactics and techniques, we promise to take your business to where it belongs. We tailor campaigns to meet your needs on a bespoke basis and ensure targeted traffic.

  • Keyword Research: Based on the market and industry segment, we develop keyword research strategies to bring traffic that is more organic to your website. Proper research combined with scanning helps us identify keywords that can potentially yield more traffic and ROI.
  • SEO Audit: An existing website has to be audited properly to analyze its structure and key elements based on which the site’s performance can be optimized.
  • Competitor Analysis: Your competitors are also researching keywords and looking for more insights. Gathering those key insights about what your competitors are doing is one of the routes to success. It also allows us to forecast opportunities within the market.
  • Content Creation & Promotion: Content rules the internet more than anything else does. Writing compelling and engaging content and promoting it to connect with your target audience can bring your target audience to your website.
  • Link Building: SEO is the route to link building. We promote high quality and contextual links that drive traffic and brings authority to the website.

Reporting: We provide a detailed analysis and report on a monthly basis that helps you understand your performance. Based on these reports, it is possible to further optimize a website.

What we can deliver?