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Strategy-Driven Social Media Advertising Services

Vivid Marketing provides social media advertising services to help your business generate instant results. Our team connects your brand, its products, and services, to target audience who are most likely to take an interest. With our dedicated services, you can now leverage a cost-effective as well as a targeted advertising strategy.


Choose Vivid Marketing Social Media Advertising Agency for Faster Results

If you are looking for faster results and ROI, we are here to assist you.

You can reach your target audience instantly as we generate followers, website traffic, and engagement much faster. The aim of social media advertising is to take your business to people who would be genuinely interested in your products, thus opening doors to more brand awareness, recognition, traffic, and conversions.


How we can help?

Social media advertising could turn out to be a very expensive venture if not done right. Vivid Marketing aims to make it cost-effective for your advertising goals. Compared to traditional media advertising, our services are less expensive and highly Targeted.

Social media advertising is winning all over the place because it targets the exact market segment. How we do it, is one of the greatest virtues to bank on. Here is a sneak peek to help you understand:

  • Demographic Based Advertisement: We have dedicated teams handling various aspects of advertising on social media. Demographics are a key factor to target people based on their location, interest, search behavior, and online habits. We target specific locations, age groups, income etc.
  • Email Listing: Want to send custom ads to your existing customers? Give us the email list. If you already have emails of some previous leads or past customers, we would target them too. You may also get new referrals through this customer acquisition technique.
  • Visitor Targeting: Your visitors are your primary targets on social media. To make it work, adding retargeting pixels is a brilliant idea. You can then advertise to your frequent visitors, of which a few are likely to convert on the very first visit. Retargeting is another great way of increasing your conversion rate.

Our Services

  • Facebook Ads: The most popular social channel, Facebook is a powerhouse for online promotions and advertisements. With our help you can reach your target audience. We can target your audiences, B2B or B2C, based on your business profile.
  • Instagram Ads: Instagram is a more visually engaging social channel that is largely focusing on pictures, short videos, boomerang etc. It sparks instant interest in users and captures attention.
  • YouTube Ads: YouTube is an exemplary advertising platform for all brands and businesses. We create ads that are relevant to your business, focusing on your target audience for YouTube.
  • LinkedIn Advertising: It is the perfect B2B marketing platform where you can find professionals and decision makers. If your business is focused, you can definitely influence conversions from here.
  • Pinterest Ads: Target your users searching for pins that relate to your brand. Pinterest is a platform with great potential for retail customers, especially women.

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