Retargeting Campaigns – Converting Visitors into Buyers

Retargeting is not a new concept. It has existed for quite some time and dominates the market.

Statistically, only 2% of all shoppers convert into a sale on their first online shopping spree. Retargeting works to bring back those remaining 98% shoppers who visited your site but did not purchased or called. It simply works by tracking visitors to your site and displaying retargeting ads when they visit other websites online.

In digital marketing, there is no one-size-fits-all formula. It is more about a targeted approach, totally focused on your goal. At Vivid Marketing agency we work with you to understand your business and customers and set-up Retargeting campaigns.


How does it work?

Retargeting works by gathering the details of your visitors based on their online behavior. The code prepares a list of visitors to your site by placing anonymous cookies in the browsers. Using the list, retargeting vendors display retargeting ads to potential customers as they go online.

Our Solutions

  • Mobile Retargeting: Re-engage your lost mobile users with Vivid Marketing dedicated retargeting ad campaigns. We design retargeting campaigns for all tablets and smartphones. We deliver highly targeted process to attract and re-target your customers by advertising across all mobiles and tablets. It works similar to a reminder set on your phone and helps create a long-lasting impression and better branding with your customers.
  • Dynamic Retargeting: Get your lost shoppers back to your website by showing them ads featuring real products. Dynamic retargeting is a more targeted and specific approach, commonly used for Facebook ads. It is more personalized too.
  • Web Retargeting: Want to target your perfectly segmented audience? Web retargeting allows you to retarget those lost customers across all leading display exchanges very easily. Our team of experts deploys sophisticated technology powered by advanced solutions to deliver highly targeted service.
  • Facebook Retargeting: Facebook is the ultimate place to find your lost customers. We use different strategies tailored to your business to bring back your lost customers.

Best Practices we follow

  • Retargeting campaigns are more effective when your visitors are segmented – we tailor retargeting by segmentation and show ads relevant to users based on their online behavior
  • Call-to-action should be clear enough to promote an offer – that’s the second rule of the best performing retargeting campaigns, creative, and ads
  • Timed retargeting campaigns get a better response. For instance, people looking for flight tickets or hotel bookings should be immediately retargeted than people shopping for clothing and dress material

Why choose Retargeting Campaign?