Google Ad campaigns that make every click count

PPC advertising and management is an integral part of digital marketing

At Vivid Marketing, we focus on goal-oriented PPC advertising services to help your business. PPC is the shortest way to acquire more customers by advertising your business in such a way so that it appears on the top of search engine results.

There is a fierce competition to hit the first spot on the front page of Google. PPC advertising helps you get to the top spot of search results by increasing visibility in a very short period of time. Only targeted ads are visible to people looking for something similar. PPC is a judicious investment as it is a result-oriented digital marketing technique, equally fast and effective.


PPC management can help your business grow in a few ways:

  • By Generating Quality Traffic and Conversion: The only fuel for your website is high-quality, organic traffic, which converts. Google produces 3 billion search results every single day. These results are usually of people searching for solutions and answers to their queries. A certain percentage of the same searches are problems your business could solve. Using PPC management, you can bring in new customers to your brand immediately.
  • Instant Results: Paid PPC search ads drive traffic to a website instantaneously. You reach Google’s top search results pretty quickly, unlike organic search engine listings. You have to pay for every click on those search ads. As such, it is crucial to ensure you pay for click that results in conversions.

To get best results with PPC ad campaigns, you must hire trained PPC management services or you could loose hundreds and thousands of dollars if not done right and managed regularly.

Our PPC Strategies

Paid Google Search Ads: Empower your existing paid search campaigns with relevant marketing strategies to make sure your website gains higher visibility

Display Advertising: With PPC, you can now boost your brand’s exposure and create brand awareness using display advertising. We target audience using our cost-effective and intelligent display campaigns for greater sales potential.

Shopping Ads: We follow a retail-centric approach to manage shopping ad campaigns. It ensures that your business gets broader exposure, generates a higher volume of sale, and experience higher CTR.

Re-Marketing: We deploy progressive remarketing strategies to ensure you spend your funds in a profitable way. We tap into re-engaging prospects for assured conversion.

Gainful Media Channels: We identify useful media channels for your business by negotiating agreements and managing campaigns for better visibility, targeted traffic, and improved ROI.

Our Services

  • PPC Audit: Our team audits your PPC account to determine its current position. Based on that, we develop better strategies and enhance campaign performance.
  • Keyword Research: We ensure exhaustive keyword research for better visibility and insight, which helps us create a more responsive PPC strategy.
  • Competitor Analysis: In-depth competitor analysis is important to understand your position in the market and plan a strategy that would help you to stay ahead in the race. We deliver significantly better ROI.
  • Ad Creation & Optimization: We believe in optimizing PPC campaigns inside out to increase CTR and ensure stronger ROI. As such, we create optimize ad copies and landing pages for the right amount of exposure.
  • Bid Optimization: To achieve your PPC campaign goals, you have to learn how to bid smart using correct keywords and the right amount of keyword density. In addition, you must manage ad performance and optimize bids effectively. We do it all for you.
  • PPC Campaign Management: We fine-tune strategies and streamline processes to optimize, expand and manage your PPC campaigns.
  • Reports & Analysis: Get a complete report of the campaign with insights and advice for further improvements from our experts. Follow our in-depth analysis of the best result.

Why Choose PPC Advertising?